This Christmas

Some girls may have received jewelry this Christmas, it’s something that is believed to be the ideal gift for a female.
Not, I. Not at the moment.
Last Christmas, I received a Versace perfume from my dear boyfriend. Clearly, he did not know who I was. I appreciated it but wasn’t agonizingly happy. He on the other hand, thought that I would be ecstatic over it. Apparently, the females he surrounded himself with are into that whole bag, perfume, jewelry scene. Like I said, he did not know me.
I always say its the thought that counts, & my dear friends he put in a lot of thought in the epiphone acoustic guitar he gave me.
I cried. Yes I was a little bitch, but they were tears of joy. I couldn’t believe my luck with this man as I held the guitar.
I wrote it in his card & I truly meant when I said that his love is the best gift I would ever recieve.


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