Girl just want to have fun?

College has been very fulfilling in understanding myself with others. I now know that I am different than most females…and well everyone there.
There’s this guy I met and he could go so far with his potential yet he does not take advantage of it. He is one of those guys who didn’t have much social success in high school and was pretty impacted by it. Anyways, as he threw questions ( literally threw like dodge balls, just kept coming right at me) in an attempt to getting to know me, he wondered why I wasn’t into the whole party-get drunk-everyone-is-my-friend scene. Meanwhile, I wondered why was he so into trying to convince me to go places.

Another classmate who was female and I was forced to work with, was also into socializing. Then half of my pre-calc class found it more enjoyable embracing their bad grades together with the reward of newfound friendship that lasted the semester.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the whole party idea. In highschool.
Just like my little friend back there, I didn’t have much social success In High school but I didn’t mind mind. I am a very reserved person. Ever hear get to know some one then see how they actually are? Well that’s me. I have heard that people thought I was a “bitch”. Not approachable. Yet those that are close to me and know me, adore me.

Even thought to most females I wasn’t liked, with boys it was different. They wanted to get a taste. But being how I am, they did not… Well, there was Italy but it was a minor kiss kiss thing. Blame it on the booze.
Despite that incident, recently my boyfriend told me that the boys called me ” boring” because I never ” played” the games that my big -breasted-flirtatious-gullible-naive-back-then ” bestie” fell for. To them, she was tons of fun.

I’m fine with that. No. I’m incredibly proud of that.

I may have been boring as they say but I knew I was respected.

I am not a whore.

Soooo in college, I probably will seem like a prude. Even though I am a really nice person.
I have also realized that there is just so much stupidity in college. Not intellectually wise but just their choices And thoughts are just so dumb. I have encountered many and I just found them To be unbearable.

I’m a nice person, I swear I am.


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