A mother’s love and her person within

When a mother loves her child, it’s the most strongest love one could ever have. It is eternal. Knowing she has to live for that child, she prepares and devotes herself to raising the child right.
The child grows and that outcome will determine the mother’s quality. Anything wrong with the child, best believe the blame will be on the mother.
Mothers are forgotten to be mortal women. They are still plain janes, except that now they have a bigger responsibility. But they are still women with emotions, pasts, thoughts, desires, and wishes.
Many complain about women’s sensitivity and somewhere along the road it’s believed that just because they have children, they will automatically hide their inner sorrows & focus on their children. No. That’s not the case.
People in general vary with experiences. They might have had a Terrible childhood, unfortunate memories of their past, so they know nothing on raising a little one.
Mothers with a sad past will try their hardest to give the opposite experience to their children. There will be some that fail at this and without knowing give then the exact experience. Others will succeed at giving something different.
Now, no mother will be perfect at this. The past can haunt an individual, one can never forget. The negativity will slip out on the family members and can give quite an impact. It all depends on the mothers to try to stop it from coming out but it’s the rest of the family that needs to understand why. And with this they can cope and help her out.
Mothers are sometimes taken for granted. One should always say ” thank you”. And mean it. Truly appreciate everything that your mother has done for you. This can also go for the father. They, like mothers, carryall of the worries of the world on their back. Truly love the one that’s always there for you. if they have made mistakes, remember that they are human and humans are never perfect. But their love is forever.


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