Don’t mind me. It’s cheating.

To cheat. The very thoughtless act of betrayal where lustful stupidity takes over the mind and body of a person.
Men cheat.
Women cheat. Yet I can’t help but say that I get so much more upset to hear that a female has cheated.
Oh yeah, they say its not right. Something about double standards. Okay. But see I don’t mean to get technical here.
Cheating for me is an act that DUMB people do. Just plain stupid. Now, I hate to say it but men cheating is normal for me.
thing is. i have witnessed the mindset of a cheater. the way he planned his things. how he chose his prey. the tactics to keep sucking on that prey till they die from his pleasure. at a point, its pretty smart. but anyone who does that are idiots at the same time. The biggest idiot? The person who falls into the predator’s traps.

Every woman has a small detector to warn them of such danger. It’s up to the woman to take heed to the warning. Some women have turned off their detector, others just don’t listen and fall into temptation.

I realized that I put women on a much higher level than men. I think of women better than men when it comes to fidelity….and even intellectually. I don’t know why
As I have been living, I see that some women just tend to lose their common sense.

A female is not supposed to cheat Because they are supposed to know better. They are supposed to be better than men.
Unfortunately, it seems like females are just getting way out of control with their power.
I mean, nowadays there is just so much promiscuity, stupidity and other things that girls do that it beats the things that some men do. It just some times makes me ashamed to even be a female. No screw it, never. It just gets me angry that they are females.

Girls please leave the stupidity to the men.

( and guys…. you are clever F’rs)


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